Abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2019

We have the pleasure to inform that the National Conference on Cellular Materials “MatCel conference” held in Aveiro (Portugal) is now an international event. Due to the rising interest in this field and the increasing number of both national and international participants, we have decided to not only rename the conference, but also organize it in different parts of the world. The conference will now be known as “International conference on Multifunctional Cellular Materials (InCell, incell.web.ua.pt)” with the purpose of widening the scope of these thematic fields and attracting more participants. The event has now assumed itself as a biennial conference, aiming to be a regular and privileged forum for the exchange and discussion between scientists, academia and industry, inspiring future collaborations and bringing up new ideas within this field, covering experimental, numerical and theoretical issues.

This conference will be held in the city of Maribor, Slovenia from September 19 to 20, 2019. This international conference will be focused to lightweight stochastic and periodic cellular materials (e.g. foams, hollow-spheres, periodic and optimized truss structures, and honeycombs) with multifunctional attributes that make them appealing for numerous uses, including energy absorption (crash protection), lightweight structural sandwich panels (as the core material), vibration damping devices and thermal and acoustic insulation.

If you have any interests, please submit your abstract by replying the email: dem-incell@ua.pt. Abstracts are due by April 30, 2019. For abstract submission please click here. No more than one oral presentation can be delivered per each registered author.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Maribor (Slovenia) in September 2019.


Organizing Committee

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